Country Courthouse

Can A Few Drinks A Week Fix This Marriage?

Bree and her Sister In Law Georgia are having a debate.  The big concern is about Bree's husband and drinking.  Not the way you would think though.   Is this too much to ask someone's sister?   Is Bree out of line?  Find out on Country Courthouse   Do you have a case for "Country Courthouse" send me an email [email protected]        

Is This Mom Pushing Her Kid Too Hard?

Audra is 10 and her Mom Leslie wants her to try something that James (Her Dad) is not a fan of.   They have left it up to The Courthouse to decide.  What do you think?   If you want to take someone to Country Courthouse email me at:  [email protected]  

I Think He Just Called Her A Doorknob

Hannah and Mike our having a debate when it comes to Mike's son Robbie. Is Hannah getting to involved in Robbie's life. Should his girlfriend really be told what's going on? If you have a case for Country Courthouse reach out to me at [email protected]

Is A Relationship Strong Enough To Handle OHIO?

Is your relationship strong enough to handle Ohio?  That is the question that Natalie and Justin brought to the Courthouse today.  Justin offers up some pretty good points and Natalie needs your help.   If you have a case for "Country Courthouse" email me [email protected]  

New Wedding Dress Fashion Idea From Courtney

Courtney has brought her Maid of Honor to the Courthouse today because of a disagreement on her wedding apparel.  Christy really is just worried about this choice and thinks years down the road Courtney will regret it.  What do you think?  Does the Bride always know best?  Email and let us know.  [email protected]    

She Has To Choose Between Her Sister And Her Boyfriend

Dee Dee has asked her sister Erin a huge ask.  Typically Erin would be flattered but her boyfriend has offered up a little bit of a conflicting idea.  Erin needs your advice on who to choose.  The biggest problem here is they all really like each other.  What would you do?

Why Does He Need Her Mom's Help For This?

Even though Marissa says that their marriage is ok, Seth should be able to figure this out.  Maybe he should even hire someone to teach him to do it better.  What do you think?  Let me know at [email protected]

Gimmie That Back! You Don't Deserve My Floaty Gift!

If someone stayed with you when they didn't want to is it rude for them to keep your gifts?  Tiffany is no longer a fan of Brady and wants that sweet sweet floaty gift.    

How Much Money Do You Need To Pretend You Are Not Married?

One of the main reasons that marriage can be tough is money.  So when Monique did something for extra money that Greg was not a fan of he reached out to the courthouse.   Hopefully their marriage can withstand this but let us know your take at [email protected]    

If You've Had A Baby She Needs Your Help

Brittany and Jonah had a baby a year ago and things have gotten "uncomfortable" for Brittany.   Jonah needs your help convincing Brittany that it's all in her head and they can work through it and get back to the way things were.