Hey y’all, I’m Cailynn!

I am the girl behind the scenes here at Q running all of our social media and making appearances on air every so often. I am a Madison, Wisconsin native – born and raised in the land of cheese curds and beer! I’d like to say I grew up half city girl/half farm girl with separated parents, I got the best of both worlds. Radio was my first internship during college & I have been here ever since! 


Let’s be friends! Follow me on socials:

IG & TikTok: @radiocailynn | FB: @cailynn.hensen 

Some fun little facts about me: 

  • If I could adopt every dog in the world I would 
  • I hate coffee but I will drink iced chai lattes all year round 
  • I had a Green Day poster hanging on my bedroom door all of middle school 
  • I am a Nashville enthusiast – ever need recommendations? Hit me up!
  • Dr. Pepper is my weakness 
  • I’m a big sports gal (GPG baby!)
  • And yes, I am one of those fan girls who has Morgan Wallen on repeat 


I love what I do & I can’t wait to see y’all out and about!