Fish with Friends

My mother always used to tell me that there is a point in your life that you find your “home”.  In 2001 my friend Connie and I moved to Madison and little did I know that I would realize years later that I had found my home.  I have done mornings in some fun places like Michigan, Minnesota and even Mississippi but nothing compares to my Wisconsin family.  

In Madison I would find life long friends, a wife and a company that had the same passion for radio that I have. Having the opportunity to mornings on a legendary station like Q106 is a dream come true. For years my dog Barrett (from the Dane County Humane Society) and I have been cranking country music and bouncing around the house.  Barrett truly loves the Q106 app.  Not only was it a free download in the app store but has the perfect mix of music and information …. SHAMELESS PLUG … hehehe.

So what is Fish with Friends?  It’s old and new people that want to share stories and more importantly Fish with Friends is … YOU!   What do you want to talk about?  Who do you want us to interview?  What songs do you want to crank up and enjoy every morning and throughout the day?  Oh … wait a second …. Ok … Ok … yes Barrett and Fish with Friends is global and available on the free Q106 app that you should download and let us know what you like and don’t like about the station.  Plus you can listen to it everywhere … WORLD WIDE!!!  That’s how we roll! 

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