Country Courthouse

Such A Mess Up Both Mothers Got Mad ... WOW!

Erica may have done a 'Boo Boo" so bad that she made her Mom mad as well as her fiancé's mother.  The Jury had fun with this one today.   What do you think?

Work Wife Wins In Shocking Twist

Alyssa and Justin want a family but Nicki wants a work husband. Is it cheating?  Is he cheating?  Is he just keeping too his word.  Only YOU, The Jury, can decide on Country Courthouse

Mom Is Teaching A Bad HABIT

Aaron, the plaintiff, has reached out to us because his wife Michelle, the defendant, has been teaching her daughter a bad habit in the household.   Michelle pointed out that her father warned Aaron about it and he should embrace that it's a "Generational Thing".  Aaron definitely is in need of your input today on Country Courthouse

There Is Something Going On Downstairs

Samantha, The Plaintiff, is pregnant and wants to have a home birth.  Trevor, The Defendant, works from home and lives above her.   He makes some valid points about her parents and situation and Samantha has involved the landlord.   See what you think as Country Courthouse works with Samantha and Trevor in "There is a lot going on downstairs".   <3  Fish

To Paint Or Not To Paint - That is the question

Cheryl has hired a freelance painter Paul to paint some walls in her house.   She thinks Paul painted the wrong wall and he feels she gave bad directions.  The question is what did one of them say to shift the jury's opinion of them.

You Are Not A Dog ... You Can't Do That In Our Yard!

Janna, Angie and the French Bulldog Harrison have rented a home in town that needs a little work.  In return they got a good deal on the rent under the condition that the Landlord could do work on the house with 24 hours notice.   He was out there the other day and didn't want to bug them so he went "tinkle" on the yard.  How this plays out and what is going on in Black Earth is all here for you…

Is Friendship More Important Then Love?

Cassie and Logan have been dating over a year and Logan has started choosing his best friend Brian over Cassie.   She is getting those run vibes and he doesn't understand why a life long friendship wouldn't be more important .

Is A Snowmobile More Important Than Friendship?

Mark and Aaron are friends and every winter Mark takes his two snowmobiles up north to Aarons cabin and they use them.  Mark has asked Aaron to do something that makes him frustrated and uncomfortable.  How will you and the Click of 6 decide?   Find out now:  

Fat Shaming or Selfish?

Sarah and Derek are moving in together -- well -- she is moving in to his house.  Derek is our plaintiff today because Sarah wants to create a home gym in the basement and he's not having it.  He thinks it will just lead to her pushing him to work out more- as she does.   Sarah admits she is a little concerned about their 'winter weight' they've both put on but having the gym would save them…

Pretty Privilege or Book Club Bully?

Penny and Ava are in the same book club.  They've been asked to lead a video forum with a nationally renowned author which is a huge honor.  Penny is our plaintiff for this case of Country Courthouse - Why?  Well because the club members voted for Ava to represent them as the lead person for the video forum -  Penny believes-- because she is pretty.  Penny is one of the charter members of this…