Country Courthouse

Orange Hair Doesn't Have Appeal

Megan is a stylist and colorist who's done Karrie's hair recently - however- as much as she cautioned Karrie ahead of time, as a brunette trying to go many shades lighter, that this would not be the best option for her  -- Karrie went for it anyway and now has orange hair. Karrie wants her money back - let's listen in shall we.......

Block Party Blow-out Busts Budget

A big neighborhood block party fight over a band vs the cost of activities for the wee ones; bouncy house, face-painting etc -  limited budget and heated disagreement in this episode of Country Courthouse.

Doggie Doodie on My White Carpet

Mike is our plaintiff on this episode of Country Courthouse.  He's recently moved in with his girlfriend Amanda and her dog Rocco.  And now a problem's popped up with their ... her ..... white carpet.  Yikes -

Wedding Blender Gone Wrong

Anna and Caitlyn are co-workers and friends. Anna, the plaintiff upset because Caitlyn returned a group gift from co-workers -  she exchanged a very expensive, high-end blender for a new television for her husband.  

Creepy Man Baby Honoring Father

Tara comes to Country Courthouse for help with her boyfriend Nick - Nick likes to talk like a baby - a lot.  It's finally reached a breaking point for Tara - see what you think?

Boat Burn Bad for Buddies

Brian comes to Country Courthouse because he needs your help:  He has just put his brand new boat in the water, invites his buddy Drew out to the marina to celebrate, there is cocktailing, there is cigar smoking ... and now.... there is a big burn hole  in the captain's chair courtesy of Drew's cigar ash.  Who will pay for repairs?

Crocs Cause Critical Confrontation

Mia is our plaintiff in this case. She flips houses with her older sister, Carolyn.  Carolyn is  our defendant, renovates homes full time with lots of experience under her belt. Mia has a full time career outside flipping houses but does flip with her sissy Carolyn fairly frequently. But the girls have a problem.  CC will decide!

Antique in my Truck Equals Bad Luck

Girlfriends Lindsey and Sarah go antiquing  - Lindsey finds a piece of antique furniture -- something she's been looking for forever, it is perfect, it is $2,500 and she is happy!  And it falls out of the back gate of Sarah's truck while they are driving home -  Who do we blame?

Tutor Mama Drama

Ryan is a math tutor-- claiming he is not being paid properly for services rendered. The mother of the student he is working with says no.... they are not paying him because their son is still doing so poorly at geometry.

Mommy's Ring Don't Do It --

Peter and Heather are engaged - Peter has given Heather his grandmother's diamond ring, a family heirloom that has been passed down through generations  but Heather wants her own - a new one, princess cut.  There's the problem ;(