Country Courthouse

Would You Fire This Employee?

Barb is very upset with her boss Kristi.   This could be a misunderstanding or Barb trying to take advantage of her.  The secret question within is going to be "Do You Want An Employee Like Barb?" ... the actual question is who is in the right?  The Plaintiff Barb or the Defendant Kristi    

One Night Stand Gone Wrong

John and Jayne have been friends for years and had some fun after a night of drinks and darts.  Jayne is not happy about how it ended and John doesn't think it's his fault.  What happens when John and his "Squishy Situation" come on Country Courthouse?  Find out now:    

Could Mom Be Ruining Thanksgiving?

Debbie's son Caiden has a new girlfriend but Mom has thrown an obstacle their way that might forever affect the relationship.  

She Said Something To Him That Most Women Wouldn't

Ryan went on a date and the lady that was with him said something that some people would be offended by.  Cory, his best friend, doesn't think it's a big deal and wants his newly divorced friend to just have a little fun.   What do you think?    

Could Taylor Swift End This Relationship?

Taylor Swift could possibly be "Swiftly" removing Tom from Janine's life.  Janine is not comfortable with Tom's unique request and he may have made it a little too weird.  

Maybe Love Languages Don't Work

Katie and Nate are "In Love" but Katie thinks that they don't speak the same language.  Nate opens up about things he never has said to Katie.  Should she stay?    

Why Would Your Husband Say That To Your Friend?

Kimmy, Charlotte and Lana are all friends.  Lana's husband told Kimmy something that could ruin the friendship.  Kimmy doesn't want her to tell Lana and Charlotte is not happy.    

Does A Teacher Need To Know This?

Pete and Jackie have a son Trey that did something at home and school that he shouldn't of done and Pete needs your help to talk Jackie into telling the Teacher.  Is  Jackie violating the trust between a teacher and her students parents?  

Wedding Humor Gone Wrong

Charlie may have went a little too far on his wedding day to Cassidy.  Cassidy very emotionally shares her story as Charlie tries to get out of the Dog House.  

She's Mine SHE'S ALL MINE!!!

What is your definition of "Girl Code" or "Bro Code"?  That is what this Country Courthouse is all about and Derek needs your help to prove a point.