The Conversation You Definitely Should Have

There are some things that families should discuss in advance.  This FOR SURE is one of those things.  Lori and Dave have been put in an awkward position now and need your advice.


Brooke's Ex - Payback or Lay Back?

Do you believe in fate?  Do you believe in messages from above?  Brooke does and her brother Keith is very worried.


Who's Being Naughty In The Living Room

Is it ok to drop a hidden camera in your house?  This may be the one time that you all will say yes.  Does Dawn have a good point?

What's EATING Angie about her Mom Becky?

Angie really has issues about what her Mom is doing when she watches Angie's Daughter.  Is she right to have those issues OR is Mom right and wants her Granddaughter to live a better life?


You Can't Always Trust Your Sister

Maggie's sister may have to gone too far this one time.  The Click of 6 weighed in on this but what we want to know is what do you think of what Monica did.  Email us at [email protected]


This Mother In Law May Have Gone Too Far

Josh thinks his Mother in Law has gone to far and shouldn't be coming to a family function.  Andrea couldn't disagree more,.  What do you think?  Is she a Naughty Mommy?

If You Plan On Moving You Need To Hear This

Kristina is happy to be living in Madison, but if you're moving soon, make sure you check out this Country Courthouse.That way you can avoid being scammed by movers like she was.



Should This Get Him Kicked Out Of Church?

Michelle is upset with ex John and feels he could ruin a moment they were supposed to have together this summer by attending.  John doesn't seem to really care ... or is his point valid?


Something Even Worse Then Affair

Matt may cheated on his wife so you would assume the "Click of 6" would not side with him.  However, his wife did something since the divorce that apparently you thought was even worse.  Let us know what you think.  <3  Fish


Four Strikes And She's Out

If you are having trouble finding someone Sara may make you feel better.  Jessica isn't a fan but Sara says she is focused.