Country Courthouse

Fight For Our Country And Get A Free Fake ID

Bradenton is 18 and a Senior in H.S. and wants to do something illegal that his Dad is ok with.   Mom is not happy and needs your advice.

Personal Trainer May Have Gotten Too Personal

Blaine has tricked Lily with Country Courthouse today.  He is very curious about "Kurt The Trainer" from her gym and why she is doing what she is doing with him.  Check it out and let us know your take at [email protected]

Should She Have Done This Without Talking To Him???

Does your person have "A Say" when it comes to changes to your body?  That's the question from today's Country Courthouse. Could this actually prevent a marriage?  Let us know what you think or sign up for Country Courthouse at:  [email protected]

Don't Do That To The Dog!

Greg and his daughter fell in fast love with Wiley The Dog.   Chris has now moved to Atlanta and Greg is very upset about Wiley.  Will he do what he is thinking to Wiley?  Only one way to find out.  Listen to Country Courthouse.   <3 Fish

Should Sam of really asked Logan to do that?

Logan is worried about his best friend Sam.  Sam falls in love easy and this new girl may either be "The One" or "The Scam".   PLUS Sam asks Logan something that is a little uncomfortable.  

Nice Pools, Big Shows and FIREBALL!

Sarena and Erin have been best friends since college.   They now are both graduated and before LIFE starts to happen Sarena wants Erin to break her comfort zone for one amazing memory!   Who would you side with on Country Courthouse

Is Cosmo Paying The Price For His Parents?

Mom and Dad don't agree on today's case and Cosmo is paying the price.  They need Country Courthouse and you "The Click of 6" to solve this debate.

Such A Mess Up Both Mothers Got Mad ... WOW!

Erica may have done a 'Boo Boo" so bad that she made her Mom mad as well as her fiancé's mother.  The Jury had fun with this one today.   What do you think?

Work Wife Wins In Shocking Twist

Alyssa and Justin want a family but Nicki wants a work husband. Is it cheating?  Is he cheating?  Is he just keeping too his word.  Only YOU, The Jury, can decide on Country Courthouse

Mom Is Teaching A Bad HABIT

Aaron, the plaintiff, has reached out to us because his wife Michelle, the defendant, has been teaching her daughter a bad habit in the household.   Michelle pointed out that her father warned Aaron about it and he should embrace that it's a "Generational Thing".  Aaron definitely is in need of your input today on Country Courthouse