Worst Orange Crop Since WWII

The USDA says Florida’s orange crop for this season is about to plummet to record lows and that is from current record lows – Yikes.  The Department of Agriculture forecast for 28 million boxes of Florida oranges set to become THE lowest output since 1943 and down an additional 32% from last year’s already low production level.  So – why you ask?  Well most analysts agree it’s because of greening disease, which can cause trees to bear smaller, less sweet fruit. But some analysts say they’re factoring in damage from recent Hurricane Ian too –while others say they haven’t even factored in the storm damage to these already startlingly low predictions.  As domestic prices continue to rise it is likely that many wholesale buyers (like the giant supermarket chains) will start importing from overseas sources.  The current price of oj at an all-time high of $2.90 per 12 ounces but expected to soar due to supply issues and soaring inflation for food items in general.