The dinosaur that made ‘Jurassic Park’ ……..

Christie’s Auction House sells a dinosaur skeleton of ‘Deinonychus antirrhopus’  or as we have come to know him,  the T-Rex– the skeleton went for almost three times what they were expecting –   $12.4 million.  After the 1993 film made the species one of the world’s most recognizable dinosaurs. The skeleton, affectionately known as ‘Hector’, within the auction house confines – goes to a private, undisclosed investor.  This continues a recent trend of high price fossil sales….. worrying many paleontologists who explain these specimens could be lost to science when they go to the highest bidder instead of public institutions.   The original film, ‘Jurassic Park’, made $192 million in it’s original theatrical release –  so – producers, technically, could have afforded the now famous model.