Quick — count your kids!

New research out today says having more than a couple children can definitely affect your mind! Researchers at Columbia University found that raising three or more kids may increase your cognitive decline or even accelerate certain types of dementia later in life.  Researchers found rearing three or more kids is the equivalent of adding over 6 years to your actual age ;(   The study says lots of kids costs more money, incurring considerable more financial costs thus reducing family income and standard of living which in turn causes stress and worry which are both factors in decline in cognition –

Having additional children curbs women’s career choices and hours they work and your professional work life  i m p r o v e s   cognitive functioning.   The good news –  having lots of children reduces parents risk of isolation which can protect against cognition loss.   Published in the journal Demography, one doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Gayatri Devi, a neurologist – cautions…. he says it’s a provocative study – but it is one study.  Interpret with caution.