Talking Pets and Airport Food Robots –

Some of the recent highlights from the annual Consumer Electronics Show in La$ Vega$-  introducing the newest tech related technology to the masses…. that’s us 😉

  •  Robot deliveries – a Brooklyn based company called unveils ‘Yeti’  … so robots delivering food – eh – old news – right?  No!  Yeti – delivers food to you  AT YOUR GATE IN THE AIRPORT!  So – yeah for Yeti.   No word on when it would be launching yet.
  • From Paula Abdul –  yes – Paula Abdul –  sunglasses that play music.
  •  FluentPet – buttons so you can train your pet to talk to you… signal if they are hungry, need to go out or want to play.  The company sells hexagon-shaped plastic mats they call ‘hextiles’.  Your pet would signal you what they want.
  • A calming pillow from Japan’s Yukai Engineering introducing a fully robotic pillow that will help you relax and fall asleep by mimicking the rhythm of your breathing.  Yikes –