Holiday airfares skyrocketing

Prices for airline tickets hitting a five year high as travel chaos continues into the holiday season.  Several major travel sites reporting domestic flights over Thanksgiving are selling on average $350- per ticket, a 43% –  43% increase compared to last year! and 22% compared to pre-pandemic holiday travel season prices in 2019.  Prices even higher for international travel with fliers paying on average $800 per ticket this Thanksgiving – up 41% compared to last year.  What’s that?  Is Christmas any better??  NO – worse – with both domestic and international travelers expected to pay at least 40% more than fares last year.   So – is there ANY option, secret or relief?  The only advise experts have to offer, and, they all say the same thing:  The earlier you can book the better.  The earlier you make reservations, the more apt you are to save the most that can be expected.  God speed.