Happy animal stories ;)

May we now introduce you to Trumpet, a 4 year old Bloodhound hailing from St. Joseph, Illinios — not only wins the big ‘Best in Show’ prize at Westminster but becomes the first of his breed,  a Bloodhound, to win at the prestigious  kennel club’s annual event.   So next up for Trumpet – if tradition holds true, winners are usually invited to the White House to drink from one of the toilets there (We are completely serious) the practice however has been on hiatus the past four years but is rumored to be returning.  We’ll keep you updated.  But – here is more great news – we had a prominent winner from our area;  Panda, a 2 yr. old St. Bernard, won the Best in Breed title Wednesday to move on to the Working Breed last night to no avail. That is where their Westminster story ended…. for this year.  Panda’s only 2 and would presumably be invited back again for next year’s competition.   And finally a promising sighting of Linda, the Great Horned Owl missing from the Ochsner Park Zoo near Baraboo since early this month.  Linda was released from her habitat by someone who broke into the zoo and cut the locks on several cages.  On Facebook zookeepers say the  she’s been spotted in a tree near the zoo’s new llama barn.  Fingers crossed!!