Q Football Fire Up @ Pizza Extreme

Football season is back and Q is downtown for all the action! The Q Football Fire Up party at Pizza Extreme (by Camp Randall) two hours before every Wisconsin home game ! Giveaways including the red Q boot koozies, cold hard seltzers, beer, great food specials and more! From Truly Hard Seltzer! 

Sat Oct 1 vs Illinois
9a - 11a Q Football Fire Up, 11a kickoff

Sat Oct 22 vs Purdue
12:30 - 2:30p Q Football Fire Up, 2:30p kickoff 

Sat Nov 5 vs Maryland
time TBD

Sat Nov 26 vs Minnesota
time TBD

Q Country Club

Q106 is Madison’s Country. In order to truly be YOUR country, we need your opinion on things. That is why Q is giving you a say in every song we play. Yup, EVERY song! It’s pretty simple…


Step One: Make sure we are in your contact list. 608-321-1063.

Step Two: Listen and rate your take. One through five. Five being the best. M for more. L for less. Love a song and want to hear it more? Text 5M. It’s ok but maybe we play it too much, text 3L. Country Club members, we even REWARD you with 5 points EVERY time you rate a song. (See below for more on rating songs). Use those points on amazing things like music, movies, food and fun.

Q country is TRULY, your country.  Listen.  Rate.  Earn.  The Q Country Club.

Membership has it’s privileges. Mostly FREE stuff and LOTS of it. It’s real easy and FREE to join and start reaping the benefits.


That’s simple. Not only will your opinion help us choose the music you want to hear the most on q106, but you’ll also be earning points just for giving us your opinion and with these points you’ll be able to get the prizes you’ve always wanted to win! So, Q will sound more like what you want it to sound like and at the same time, you’ll be getting cool prizes ONLY available to Q COUNTRY CLUB members.

Nope, no catch. No more busy phone lines. Just a fair shot at the prizes you want…provided you give us your opinion that is 😉


There are four ways to earn points. Remember, your points can be used to bid on auction items!

  1. Rate songs. Have a say in what we play. You earn points every single time you rate a song. Not sure how to rate? See example below or Click here.

  2. Answer surveys! We want to hear from you. Surveys are a quick and easy way to earn points. If you’re in the mobile app, tap the plus symbol to see what surveys are available.

  3. Enter keywords! See the trophy? You’ll see it in the mobile app, or on the left side of your profile page when you log in on your computer. Click it to enter keywords. Be sure to listen to know what the keywords are and when they are valid!

  4. Check-in to events. From the mobile app, tap the plus symbol to see what events are happening and have a points-reward. Check-in from the app to earn!


You now have a say in every song we play! Here’s how to tell us what you like and what you don’t:

  1. When you hear a song on Q106, rate it! Even if you are NOT a Q Country Club Member, you can now rate songs!
    *you can only rate the SAME song every 7 days.
  2. How does rating a song work if I’m not in the Q Country Club. You don’t have to be a member. When you hear a song, just Text 608-321-1063 while the song is playing with your rating.
    RATE THE SONG BY TEXT on a scale 1 (hate it) to 5 (love it) and follow the number with an L (less) or M (more) as to how much more or less you want to hear it. You may LOVE a song (5) but are getting sick of it, so you want to hear it less (L) so you would text in 5L

Text your rating to 608-321-1063 and let us know what you think!



5M (love it, want to hear it more)
5L (love it, but am getting sick of it and want to hear it less)
4M (really like it and want to hear it more)
4L (really like it but I’m ready to hear less of it)
3M (like it and want to hear more of it)
3L (like it, but want to hear it less)
2M (not a big fan, but don’t mind if you play it)
2L (not a big fan and please stop playing it)
1M (this doesn’t really make sense, haha!);)
1L (hate it, want to hear it less)



Q106 Mobile App

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Take Q106 anywhere you take your phone. Stream  Q106 live, hear Today’s Q106 podcasts, clock radio feature, text the studio, and more.

It’s quick, easy – and free – to download. Now your favorite radio station is just a finger tap away!

Get it quickly: text APP to 608-321-1063 and we’ll text you the links to download.

Here’s how it all works:

iPhone users click here.

Android users click here.

Concerts are back!

Fish with Friends

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My mother always used to tell me that there is a point in your life that you find your “home”.  In 2001 my friend Connie and I moved to Madison and little did I know that I would realize years later that I had found my home.  I have done mornings in some fun places like Michigan, Minnesota and even Mississippi but nothing compares to my Wisconsin family.  

In Madison I would find life long friends, a wife and a company that had the same passion for radio that I have. Having the opportunity to mornings on a legendary station like Q106 is a dream come true. For years my dog Barrett (from the Dane County Humane Society) and I have been cranking country music and bouncing around the house.  Barrett truly loves the Q106 app.  Not only was it a free download in the app store but has the perfect mix of music and information …. SHAMELESS PLUG … hehehe.

So what is Fish with Friends?  It’s old and new people that want to share stories and more importantly Fish with Friends is … YOU!   What do you want to talk about?  Who do you want us to interview?  What songs do you want to crank up and enjoy every morning and throughout the day?  Oh … wait a second …. Ok … Ok … yes Barrett and Fish with Friends is global and available on the free Q106 app that you should download and let us know what you like and don’t like about the station.  Plus you can listen to it everywhere … WORLD WIDE!!!  That’s how we roll!