Album Overview:

Hannah Ellis “That Girl” 

Hannah says: “I hope that they take away the growth that I got to experience while I was writing this record, which is the idea that whoever you are is okay. Be totally fine with the good and the bad parts of yourself that you’re still working on. Maybe we don’t have to constantly be becoming this ideal version of ourselves”

Fun fact: Hannah co-wrote on all 13 tracks on the album. Her husband, Nick Wayne also co-wrote a handful of the songs with her. 

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Q Debut Featured Songs:

Monday – Karma on the Rocks

Karma On The Rocks finds the singer witnessing her ex finally getting a taste of his own medicine as another girl breaks his heart in two. With a slight twinge of satisfaction, the blazing track is the ultimate reap-what-you-sow revenge song, proving what goes around comes around. Showcasing on-point lyricism and a fiery vocal that sits at the sonic intersection of country, pop and rock.


Tuesday – That Girl

Hannah says “This song itself is all about embracing the fact that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I think that sets the tone for this entire record. It’s about a girl who loves too hard, cares too much, and has too much fun sometimes. I think it’s just about embracing who I am. And being okay with that. I think it will resonate with other people as well.


Wednesday – Replaceable 

Another step into the deeper land of all the things that make Hannah, Hannah. The “That Girl” Mantra if you will.  I think up to this point, people have really only known me as “she’s in love,” “and she loves to have fun with her friends” and it’s this very light hearted girl next door type of personality. Definitely a huge piece of who I am, but there’s definitely this other side that my friends and my husband knows who is a little more saucy… 


Thursday – Too Much & Not Enough 

Hannah said: “That song was so special. My co-writer, Emily Weisband, actually had the title. She said, ‘I have this title and I don’t really know what it means, but it also sounds like something that might resonate with you.” As soon as she said it, I thought “I have to write that” because I was kind of in that moment.It was a very sneaky Jesus moment, if you will, kind of going through those insecurities as I was out on the road doing a radio tour. You go into these rooms and you have these big personality confident moments and then you leave and you’re like “Did I crush it? I don’t know.” I think we just got really honest about what it meant for us to say, “I love this part of myself but it’s also the thing I’m insecure about.”


Friday – Someone Else’s Heartbreak

Hannah said: “This song came from my sister. She called me in the morning on the way to my write and her boyfriend of two years had broken up with her. I was listening to her and I knew I wanted to write a song for her that day. At first, I wanted to write a song that was like “We didn’t like that guy anyways” but I knew that wouldn’t have been helpful for her to hear at that moment. I’ve been on the receiving end of heartbreak and I know that you’re just not ready to hear those things yet. I think we were able to come at it from a very unique perspective.”


About Hannah Ellis:

Curb Records recording artist and country music singer/songwriter Hannah Ellis’ journey — and world — is one all can feel at home in. The Campbellsville, Kentucky-native’s voice — a mix of favorite flannel, sparkling pink wine and welcome — is the friend we always wanted. Whether pouring from a car radio or your phone, the act named to Rolling Stone Country’s “Artist To Watch” list reminds you big leaps often come as a series of small steps when no one is looking. Having paid for her University of Kentucky degree with her full-ride scholarship, she — with the full support of her family — started chasing her dreams. Like so many, that meant a self-financed EP, and moving to Nashville to begin the endless rounds of writers nights, meetings, making friends, and trying to find your way. Hannah paid her dues, kept her focus and kept moving towards something she was sure she felt and knew was right. The fresh-faced songwriter, who has 42 million career streams, has since written songs recorded by artists, and been featured as a vocalist on songs, spanning multiple genres, including: Russell Dickerson, Carly Pearce, FOR KING + COUNTRY, Emily Weisband, Cassadee Pope, FILMORE, and Sidewalk Prophets. The magnetic artist, who has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry multiple times since making her debut, has toured with Carly Pearce, Billy Currington, Gavin DeGraw, Dwight Yoakam, Devin Dawson, and many others, and has toured as part of the CMT “Next Women of Country” Tour. Ellis was invited back by her college alma mater to be featured in a national television advertising campaign about pursuing and achieving your dreams. Hannah is one of the “CMT LISTEN UP” artists to watch for 2023. Her current radio single, “Wine Country,” and newly-released “Karma on the Rocks,” are available now.

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