World Central Kitchen Charity in Florida

World renowned chef Jose Andres pitches  his World Central Kitchen tents in central Florida this week.  The non-profit founded by the Spaniard is putting it into high gear across the sunshine state in the wake of hurricane Ian.  As soon as the area was deemed safe WCK teams started setting up this weekend to feed communities hardest hit by the massive storm system.  The organization has temporary camps set up from Tampa to Naples and served more than 20 -thousand people in the first day alone this past Saturday-    All of this -- in addition to their on-going work around the world including the crisis in Ukraine and the recent massive flooding across Pakistan.  You can help support feeding hungry people around the world at    (World Central Kitchen maintains an 'exceptional' rating from

Her Boss Might be Getting Fired After This

Hailey, our plaintiff, is very unhappy with a situation at work - Her boss, Roxanne, our defendant, has asked her to switch her long-planned, completely paid-in-full vacation plans with a co-worker who just asked for the same week off--  Let's listen in and see what's up......


Vegetarians Twice as Depressed as Meat-Eaters

New study out from the Journal of Affective Disorders shows that vegetarians have depression twice as often as meat eaters-  The study surveyed over 14,000 people over a six month period and found the outcome was not linked to 'socioeconomic or lifestyle factors' nor is it nutrient deficiency that causes the link-    The study authors say, 'Depressive episodes are more prevalent in individuals who do not eat meat' they were unable to understand the possible cause and effect or why it happened but will research now further.

Hoarder in the Court!

Kailyn and Tristan are a happily married couple with a new problem;  Kailyn contents Tristan is becoming a hoarder and she is not happy about it -   Let's listen in to both sides and decide for ourselves ;) ......

Woman Brings a Racoon into a Bar

A North Dakota woman facing up to a possible two years in jail and a $7,500 fine-- her court appearance today.  Charged with misdemeanor counts of providing false information (lying) to law enforcement, tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of a 'furbearer'.  So - what did 38 year old Erin Christensen of Maddock, North Dakota do? Police say she brought a wild raccoon into the Maddock Bar during happy hour on September 6th.   The bartender says she brought the raccoon around to all the customers to pet and says he never bit anyone. But now there is a possible issue with potential rabies exposure.  Court date today will determine her fate.  No word on what happened to the raccoon?

Maren and Jason Round Two

So Maren Morris and Jason Aldean have had quite a go-'round on socials involving Jason's wife, Brittany and a post she made last month. The post contained some verbage deemed controversial by many and we don't need to re-hash all that here and now but.... that is the genesis of what we are about to talk about ....   Maren in a recent interview with the L-A Times says that while she is "very honored" to be nominated for the upcoming CMA's (She's up for album of the year for 'Humble Quest') ,  she does not feel at home at the award's ceremony.  The country singer continues, "Maybe I'll make a game-day decision and go but as of right now (interview was in Tuesday Times), I don't feel comfortable going."  The Country Music Awards November 9th this year.  We hope to see Miss Maren there.

Yet Another Dangerous TikTok warning

This one from the FDA on cooking chicken - in Nyquil.  Yes.  It's a thing.  So here's the gig - There's evidently a new TikTok challenge to cook chicken in acetaminophen, dextromethorphan and doxylamine = Nyquil basically.  The FDA warning says -- doesn't matter if you don't actually ingest the chicken- it can also be simply inhaling the vapors; high levels of the drugs could enter your body and furthermore- burn your lungs.  The FDA points to a TikTok video and others including the 'Benadryl Challenge' where teens are ending up in the ER and even instances of death.  So - how do we deal with this?  A reductive answer for sure but..... here is the essence of this issue according to the Academy of Pediatrics -  A teenage brain is not fully developed until the mid-20's - there is a huge social media component to all this -- basically "a popular kid at school did this and got hundreds of likes and comments = instant popularity"  explains the A-P- the best we can do as parents is to, one, consider the massive impact of social media on teenage (and adult!)  behavior in our society and two, keep the lines of communication O P E N-   Godspeed.

Tik Tok No Lock

Business sections today -reporting on a new Tik Tok trend and it's not good.  CNBC sites law enforcement agencies nationwide blaming a new social media trend for a dramatic increase in vehicle theft -- specifically  Kia and Hyundai makes.  A Tik Tok challenge has thieves targeting cars that use an actual key, not a key fob and push button to start the vehicle.  Police say (mainly) teens use a USB cord to hotwire cars then post videos of them stealing and driving the cars on their socials using the hashtag 'Kia boys'   Which now has more than 33- million views on TikTok.  Thanks TT!!

Holiday airfares skyrocketing

Prices for airline tickets hitting a five year high as travel chaos continues into the holiday season.  Several major travel sites reporting domestic flights over Thanksgiving are selling on average $350- per ticket, a 43% -  43% increase compared to last year! and 22% compared to pre-pandemic holiday travel season prices in 2019.  Prices even higher for international travel with fliers paying on average $800 per ticket this Thanksgiving - up 41% compared to last year.  What's that?  Is Christmas any better??  NO - worse - with both domestic and international travelers expected to pay at least 40% more than fares last year.   So - is there ANY option, secret or relief?  The only advise experts have to offer, and, they all say the same thing:  The earlier you can book the better.  The earlier you make reservations, the more apt you are to save the most that can be expected.  God speed.