A First for Mercedes' 2024 E-Class

Well believe it or not - Mercedes-Benz of all brands about to offer new car owners.... dashboard cameras!  For those who feel the urge to whip off a TikTok video you will now be able as of the new 2024 E-class.  Special software will enable the installation of apps like ZOOM and TikTok without going through an intermediary like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.  A web browser will be available for download for some cars already on the market.    What more does the world need right!!

Fat Shaming or Selfish?

Sarah and Derek are moving in together -- well -- she is moving in to his house.  Derek is our plaintiff today because Sarah wants to create a home gym in the basement and he's not having it.  He thinks it will just lead to her pushing him to work out more- as she does.   Sarah admits she is a little concerned about their 'winter weight' they've both put on but having the gym would save them money.  Let's see what you think? ........

You're Putting WHAT in my Starbucks?

Starbucks about to try something new-  The coffee giant will now be selling drinks with an option to infuse your coffee with.... olive oil.  Yep.  Research and development tasked with coming up with a way to enrich certain coffee options came up with this idea.  Just adding olive oil to any cup of coffee doesn't necessarily taste great but they knew it would enhance certain combinations so they started with 12 popular drinks and whittled it down to three.  So these are the options that will make it onto the menu.  Starbucks isn't saying which specific drinks just yet but they describe the added topper as 'lush and velvety'  +  120 calories ;)  Reaction from those who've tried the EVOO enriched drinks is mixed.  Regardless you'll have to wait a bit for the nationwide rollout - California markets will be the first in the U-S to feature the new drinks this spring with other states set to follow shortly thereafter -  Cheers?  Or bon apetit?

Madison Offers Electronics Recycling

Effective immediately, the city of Madison will no longer charge residents for recycling certain electronics;  tvs, computers, laptops and monitors.  (Fees for larger items like refrigerators and microwaves are still in place)  You can bring unwanted items to designated drop -off sites now during normal recycling hours - free of charge.  Thanks to Samsung!  The electronics giant is covering the costs for the remainder of this year through a deal with Universal Recycling Technologies who the city contracts with for it's recycling program.    For further details and drop - off site locations visit the city's main website at:     cityofmadison.com/recycling/ program

Pretty Privilege or Book Club Bully?

Penny and Ava are in the same book club.  They've been asked to lead a video forum with a nationally renowned author which is a huge honor.  Penny is our plaintiff for this case of Country Courthouse - Why?  Well because the club members voted for Ava to represent them as the lead person for the video forum -  Penny believes-- because she is pretty.  Penny is one of the charter members of this group. She contends she holds the organization together, takes care of all the basic, monthly runnings of the group, paperwork, meetings etc.  She thinks SHE should be the lead on this national project.  Ava says she adept at public speaking and will do a better job -   What do you think?  Is there such a thing as 'pretty privilege'?  Let's listen in .......

New Emojis Are Coming! New Emojis!!

Apple has revealed 31 new emoji designs for iOS!  No word yet on exactly when we'll see them but Apple says soon, 'in the coming months'.  New emoji to include:  shaking face, pink heart, light blue heart, gray heart, donkey, moose, goose, wings, jellyfish, black bird, hyacinth, pea pod, ginger ( the food - not the redheads),  folding hand fan, hair pick, flute, maracas, khanda (sword)  and wireless.  Also - a 'right pushing hand'  and 'left pushing hand' -  We'll keep you updated right here kitty kats!!

Another First for Twitter

Twitter just became the first social media platform to allow cannabis companies to advertise and market their products in the United States.  Until now the company had only allowed advertising of hemp- derived CBS topical products.  Other platforms including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok follow a 'no cannabis advertising policy'  because pot is still technically illegal at the federal level.  Twitter says they will permit companies to advertise with them as long as they have the proper permitting and licensing and do not target ads to people under 21 years of age.

No Nate - Just NO. Why Did You Do That??

Nate and Brian are co-workers in a cubicle setting at their offices -  Brian, our plaintiff in this Country Courthouse case has come to us because he is sick and tired of Nate's loud, boisterous, disruptive work habits.  Brian says Nate is chatty, tells personal stories on a daily basis and is a loud talker on the phone.  It is hindering his ability to do his job.  Nate thinks Brian is an uptight stick -in-the-mud who needs to loosen up and not take life so seriously -  What will you think?

Tesla Lends a Helping Hand

Tesla plans to share about 7,500 of their electric vehicle charging stations by the end of next year.  The move comes after the Biden administration seeks to expand the U-S network for EV customers.  Tesla has plans to install about 3,500 new stations on highways across the country and the White House says those new stations are expected to be open to any make or model of electric vehicle through this new agreement.  Tesla has an app and a website with information on current locations. The White House has partnered with Tesla and others including GM and Hertz aimed at using private funds to complement federal dollars in efforts to boost the nation's number of EV charging stations.

You Look Like You Might Need Valentine Help!

Last minute scramble today eh?   Tell us you love us because we've come up with some very last minute cute little, fun little endearing things for you and your person.  No grand gestures needed for those who are truly in love - right ;)


  1.  A romantic walk.  Hold hands. Talk. Laugh. Maybe even skip.
  2.  Buy  a sushi or any meal kit and cook together.
  3.  How 'bout a simple lipstick heart with a sweet message on your bathroom mirror or shower tiles.
  4.  An artistic coupon for some frisky time -   meeoowwww - you naughty kitty you ;)
  5.  Heart - shape meatloaf or pizza -  you can't go wrong with food.

You know you love it!!