You’re Putting WHAT in my Starbucks?

Starbucks about to try something new-  The coffee giant will now be selling drinks with an option to infuse your coffee with…. olive oil.  Yep.  Research and development tasked with coming up with a way to enrich certain coffee options came up with this idea.  Just adding olive oil to any cup of coffee doesn’t necessarily taste great but they knew it would enhance certain combinations so they started with 12 popular drinks and whittled it down to three.  So these are the options that will make it onto the menu.  Starbucks isn’t saying which specific drinks just yet but they describe the added topper as ‘lush and velvety’  +  120 calories 😉  Reaction from those who’ve tried the EVOO enriched drinks is mixed.  Regardless you’ll have to wait a bit for the nationwide rollout – California markets will be the first in the U-S to feature the new drinks this spring with other states set to follow shortly thereafter –  Cheers?  Or bon apetit?