A Unique New Honor for Carrie Underwood

So we all know her as a country music superstar but now the rest of the world gets to know a different side of Carrie Underwood.  The popular musician headlines a list of a different color today as she is honored for leaving the ‘smallest carbon footprint in all of country music’.   An environmental group called Payless Power ranked bands and musicians for their level of conscientiousness when it comes to responsible travel when they’re touring around the country and the world.   So when it comes to greenhouse gases, Ms Underwood and her team reigns supreme, ranked #1 in the top 10 for the country music genre,  for ‘Smallest Carbon Footprint’ for their 2022 tour.  Furthermore leading ALL genres ranking in the top 10.    Other top musicians and bands to be honored by the new list;   Ed Sheeran at #1 followed by Steely Dan, Alice in Chains, Blondie and the Doobie Brothers taking the top spots.   Just one more reason to love her 😉