Cluck, Cluck — Cluck, Cluck —

How to we cope with continuing egg price increases?  The FDA says they’ve seen increased interest from their website on raising chickens at home.  A substantial surge in searches about setting up backyard chicken coops in the past 8 – 10 weeks.  Also a noticeable increase in content of socials about owning chickens, asking questions about the process.  The FDA cautions though –  the costs can add up quickly when raising your own chickens;  from the coop, to medical care, antibiotics and daily feed and supplements.  Plus they point out is not even legal in many municipalities around the country.  Your home would need to be zoned properly.   Their advice — owning your own chickens is more of a lifestyle and passion for hand-raised fresh produce.  Plus to most people chickens become pets.  If you’re still committed to moving forward here’s one last tip from those in the know:   chickens are social animals –  you need a few!!