Would You Lick This?

Because people are.  The National Park Service issues a warning for park goers to please ‘Refrain from licking the Sonoran desert toad’ aka the Colorado River Toad.  This amphibian one of the largest toads found in North America measures up to 7 inches and is found across the southwest. It also has a prominent parotid gland that secretes a potent toxin.  These toxins are harmful to humans and can make you sick if you touch the toads or  “put one in your mouth” – seriously?  The park service cautions you to ‘refrain from licking’ as the toxins emitted by this toad are potentially harmful enough to be deadly to a full grown large size dog.  For humans — the toxins can be a powerful psychedelic causing euphoria and strong auditory hallucinations.  Possessing the poison, known as bufotenin, is illegal in some states.  Ribbit