Apple iPhone 14 Issue

Brand new iPhone 14’s have a new feature called, ‘Crash Detection’ which notifies emergency services if you are in an accident– it automatically calls 911.  So – it works — but here’s the problem… it’s been calling 911 for people riding roller coasters at amusement parks! There are different types of movements it detect in collisions; front, side and rollover.  Engineers have yet to figure out which one, or is it all of them? Figure out which one is triggering the emergency mode.  They speculate the loops in corkscrews might be too close a simulation of a roll over accident.  Incidents reported so far at Six Flags Great America in Chicago suburbs and several times already at Kings Island near Cincinnati — all since the new iPhone 14s went on sale less than one month ago.  You do have :20 seconds to cancel the 911 call before it goes out but remember, you’re on a roller coaster.  Apple is working on it but for now they advise: put your phone in ‘airplane’ mode. That will stop any and all emergency notifications.