Maren and Jason Round Two

So Maren Morris and Jason Aldean have had quite a go-’round on socials involving Jason’s wife, Brittany and a post she made last month. The post contained some verbage deemed controversial by many and we don’t need to re-hash all that here and now but…. that is the genesis of what we are about to talk about ….   Maren in a recent interview with the L-A Times says that while she is “very honored” to be nominated for the upcoming CMA’s (She’s up for album of the year for ‘Humble Quest’) ,  she does not feel at home at the award’s ceremony.  The country singer continues, “Maybe I’ll make a game-day decision and go but as of right now (interview was in Tuesday Times), I don’t feel comfortable going.”  The Country Music Awards November 9th this year.  We hope to see Miss Maren there.