Why Vega$ is Turning off Their Fountains?

Dramatic water shortages popping up around the world this summer being magnified by record high heat and little rainfall; we’ve heard about Nazi war ships from 1944 being exposed in the Danube because  it is  drying up, dinosaur tracks from millions of years ago popping up in dried out river beds in Texas, even Buddha statues in China estimated from the Ming dynasty exposed after the Yangtze water levels continue to plummet.  In Lake Mead where reservoir levels are under 30%,  various forensic specialists have been called in to work on identifying the remains of at least 5 different corpses that are dried in mud in the banks of the water.  And now – in Vega$ owners of hotels on the strip are being asked to rotate times for turning on their respective decorative fountains and a new proposal would even bar new resort hotels from including any water features in their designs or risk rejection for their permits.  Worship our lakes this weekend Wisconsin 😉