Back to you know what planning…..

As we continue our summer worshipping…. just a quick heads up because it’s relevant for all the families in our Q-106 family… pretty tight for back-to-school budgeting across the board for this fall.  Several stories this week about spending as parents focus on basics, trading down to less expensive choices and brands and keeping the household budget afloat.  It’s a lot.  To make the impact of surging inflation relevant to YOU and your household– here are some recent survey findings on back to school choices, strategies and Hail Mary’s you might need-

Mastercard Spending Pulse tracks all spending and payment trends, even ca$h, and they forecast BTS (back to school from now on – not typing it out anymore)  spending will be up 7% compared with one year ago, 11% — and — analysts say it’s actually higher prices that are even propping those paltry numbers up.  The average American family says they will cut back on other expenses to cover the average,  per child BTS spending,  ready?  $200-  p e r  kid!  200$  that’s a lot.  Average price of a backpack is $70!  Prices up over 12% from last year.  Yikes.  Walmart said this week they’re offering extra discounts on clothing to clear out inventory and analysts say that’s good for the rest of us because it will exert more pressure on other rivals to discount more to remain competitive.