She’s a Naughty Kitty

Matt and Laura’s families are friends and neighbors, been living across the street from one another for almost 10 years.  But a recent problem has popped up with Matt’s new dog.  Otis is a younger dog, full of energy that Matt does not want to crate all day while his family is at work and school.   Laura’s cat, Ginger is now and always has been, an outside kitty-cat.  But now Ginger is crossing the street and hanging around Matt’s house antagonizing the dog to the point that Otis has ripped the living room picture window shades off the wall, chewed the window sills and scratched up the door frame trying to get the cat.  Matt wants this to stop.  Matt wants the cat contained in it’s own house.  Laura doesn’t want to confine a 9 year old cat that is used to going outdoors.  Meeoowwww…….