Marauding Monkeys

Residents of Yamaguchi, Japan being warned about possible violent money attacks.  City administrators say they have reports of at least 58 incidents since the second week of July.  And things are evidently getting so bad now that city hall has hired a specialized wildlife unit to hunt the animals with tranquilizer guns .  Residents are reporting the Macaque monkeys are attacking; biting, scratching even beating people with sticks. They sneak up from behind and grab at your legs or jump on your back.  Residents telling the wildlife wranglers that the animals do not seem interested in food, alluding traps.  They are targeting mostly children and the elderly.  Earlier today even somehow snuck in to a nursery school full of kids! So far no really serious injuries but some victims have been advised to go to the hospital for treatment and in some cases, ambulances have been called.  Police in Yamaguchi says the monkeys are terrorizing the community and they can not seem to figure out…. why?