How much water do you really need?

Social media posts now have people drinking a gallon of water a day – Do you really need that much?  Dehydration a common cause for ER visits but now TikTok has multiple posts with fads surrounding how much water we need every day.  One trending hashtag #gallonofwateraday encourages users to drink one gallon of water, or 4.5 liters, of water per day.  The National Academy of Science actually recommends 3.7 liters per day for men, 2.7 per day for women. Here’s one simple way to check if you’re properly hydrated; pinch the skin on your lower arm — if it bounces right back – you are all good to go — if it’s slow to return you may need water.  Tips for healthy hydration from the pros – stagger your consumption throughout the day and drink water with your meals as it aids digestion.  And – let’s maybe leave TikTok for the fun stuff and other sources for the serious 😉