Hold that morning shot

Nutritionists are speaking out about a new fad on TikTok and other socials featuring videos of people drinking large spoonfuls– even shots — of extra virgin olive oil.  Long hailed for its associated health benefits, social media feeds are now overflowing with users and influencers encouraging followers to take a large dose first thing every morning.  Nutritionists and other health care related experts shaking their heads – no.  Explaining many times the nutritional value from olive oil comes from eating a healthy Mediterranean diet;  things like whole foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lean proteins. One of the main reasons the Mediterranean diet is so healthy is because, more times than not, olive oil tends to the main source of fat.  So dieticians caution:  olive oil is a fat. And fats are literally the most calorie dense food on the planet.  Recommending,  instead of doing fiber-free shots of pure EVOO, incorporate it as a healthy fat in sauteeing, salad dressings and in place of less healthy fats like butter or coconut oil.