Steph’s TikTok Search: Patriotic Kenny and Scooters for Vets

79 year old Veteran, Kenny, gained popularity on TikTok as Patriotic Kenny thanks to his neighbor Amanda.  When he needed a new mobility scooter, his life changed, and he’s doing that for others now.

Q-Munity: let’s help the 18 Wisconsin Veterans who need a scooter thru Levy Giving Fund! Listen to this really cool update and how you can continue to help:


Like Amanda said, Kenny loves receiving mail, so if you’d like to send him a Happy 80th Birthday Card for his birthday coming up in January 2022:

@patriotickennyAnswer im_siowei This moment litetally changed Kenny’s life and so many other veterans’ lives. ❤️ ##viral ##tiktokasks ##kennycrew ##scootersforvets♬ original sound – patriotickenny