True Confessions: The Heat Made Me Do It

By Fletcher Keyes

I watched football, sweet football this weekend.

Nothing unusual or newsworthy about that, except that I normally spend no more than an hour or two a week watching any kind of TV. Most of the time I am either doing something outdoors, or I’m involved with a family, community, or work related activity. All good.

But this weekend, with unnaturally high temperatures (for late September in Wisconsin) in the 90s, I said “screw it” and plopped my butt down and inhaled some football. Sweet, American football.

Normally, by the third or fourth week of the football season, I would have done at least some gorging, but it just hadn’t happened yet this season so, thank you, hot, dripping dew points.

The heat made me cave, or at least that’s what I’m saying. Truth be told, I was overdue for an eat-the-whole-pizza kind of a football experience, and I’m proud to say that I ate four pizzas- er, watched four full football games.

And, like the four pizzas I could have gorged on instead, all four of the games were absolutely delicious! I saw Michigan at Purdue and Penn State at Iowa on Saturday- one good game and one truly great game! Then, I saw the Bears in an unlikely win against the Steelers, and finished the 4-game weekend gorge with the Packers’ thank-God, come-from-behind victory.

Despite consuming more than some would consider “healthy,” I’m planning to run it off after work today. I figure one mile per football game should do it.

Then, I should be good to go for next weekend.

What did the heat make you do this past weekend?

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