Better Beat Jackson 3/21/17

1. Hottie Scott Eastwood celebrates his birthday today, name his dad, famous actor and director. A: Clint
2. A new robot just had his first day on the job this past week in California at a restaurant called CaliBurger, performing which task: Flipping Burgers, pouring pop, or picking up garbage? A: Flipping burgers
3. This comedian/former tv daytime host celebrates her 55th birthday today. Her character, Doris Murphy, played 3rd base in the baseball movie A League of Their Own. Who is she? A: Rosie O’Donnell
4. On this date in 2009, Northern Lights made its debut on Lifetime. It starred LeAnn Rimes and the man who eventually would become her husband. Who is it? Eddie Cibrian, Ryan Reynolds, or Luke Bryan? A: Eddie Cibrian
5. Kelsea Ballerini has joined the list of performers for the 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards coming up in April. What did Kelsea win at the ACM Awards last year? Best New Female Artist, Best Dressed, or Best Overall Female Artist? A: Kelsea won Best New Female Artist last year.