Better Beat Chunk from the Farm Department

1. Actor Owen Wilson turned 48 Friday…Which ex-girlfriend dedicated a song to Owen Wilson on one of her albums? Britney Spears, Sheryl Crow, or Miranda Lambert?                                                                                                                          A: Sheryl Crow

2. Dierks Bentley and his family adopted a new dog and named her Emmylou Who. They recently adopted her after the loss of his loyal companion who died over the summer..what was his name? George, Luke, or Jake?                                     A: Jake

3. Country singer Chris Lane said he picks up “style Cues” from Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, and which other singer? Blake Shelton, Justin Bieber, OR Toby Keith?                                                                                                                                             A: Justin Bieber

4. Kate Hudson’s mom is celebrating her 70th birthday today…what’s her name?                  A: Goldie Hawn

5. Kelly Ripa’s former cohost Michael Strahan, celebrates his 45th birthday today. Michael Strahan played his entire NFL career with what team? New York Jets, New York Giants, Or Green Bay Packers?                                                               A: New York Giants