4:20 Conversation: Would You Rather Have Christmas Or 3 Additional Summer Holidays?

Photo courtesy of Youtube

Photo courtesy of Youtube

From the last week of Thursday until the 3rd Monday in January, there are 4 (arguably 5 or 6) holidays: Thanksgiving (day after), Christmas (Eve), New Year’s, Martin Luther King Jr.

Would you be willing to give up one of those days if it meant 3 more days off in the summer? Think about it, do we really need free days off when the weather isn’t really the most cooperative? Now, what if that day is Christmas?

Imagine what 3 extra 3 day weekends would be like in the summer.

Personally, I’d prefer to keep Christmas because selfishly it means something to my family and me. From a pragmatic standpoint, definitely see the argument for not getting Christmas off if it means a trade for 3 summer days.

Would you rather have Christmas or 3 more summer holidays?