Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 3-2-16

The average honeymoon costs how much?
According to a new survey we would be more comfortable with a female President Or  Female Football Coach?
The gay pride flag has 6 colors…Red orange yellow green blue Violet
But the original flag had this color in it..
Black, Pink, Turquoise?
PINK AND TURQUOISE.  Eventually hot pink and turquoise were dropped because it made them too expensive to produce.
Taco Bell in Canada is currently making a wrap filled with what?
Cheetos? Pretzels? Pringles.
This Artist was just performing in Ireland.  Irelan is where tradition has it that  LEAP DAY (which was Monday) the woman can propose to her man…
SO lady helped out a proposal..
was it Lady Gaga, Madonna or Adele
ADELE  (guy said yes)
Ashley’s Text Trivia: the Average person does this 31 times a day?! Text