Only 1 Country Artist Remains In Final American Idol Season

Not to say other artists won’t be singing country songs for the remainder of the competition, but only one true country artist remains. Her name is Tristan McIntosh.

We all know how much success has come from country artists to compete in American Idol. Some include:

Carrie Underwood won season 4. Scotty McCreery won season 10. Josh Gracin finished 4th in season 2. Kellie Pickler finished 6th in season 5, and Bucky Covington 8th.

Personally really like Tristan (she very well might win it all!), and believe she’s got a huge career ahead of her, but my favorite is Lee Jean. Don’t believe he will win, but really think he’s got a bright future too!

Who are you pulling for to be the final American Idol?