Have A Confession, I’m A Cardinals Fan

Not sure anything can wreck a budding relationship more quickly than personal politics and sports. Have had the pleasure of living in Wisconsin a few times, and though not raised here, nobody follows Sconnie sports more closely than I do.

Love every team in this state, and in all the sports out there, only love 1 team more than our beloved Packers, Badgers, Brewers, Bucks, Caps, Preds, this list could go a while, and you get the idea. That team is the St. Louis Cardinals.

Was raised on a love of baseball, and that love bonded most easily with the team that was on the radio. Being from a poor agricultural family in Missouri that didn’t have TV, all we had was each other, and the radio. After coming in from a day of work or play, we’d have dinner, and I’d go to my room to listen to the Cardinals broadcasts.

Growing up a Cardinals fan wasn’t easy. The team was beyond horrible for my entire childhood, but then something happened in the late 90s. A new owner came along, and it changed everything. From top to bottom, and back to the top, this became a whole new team. Not just a team on the field, but all the employees across the system teamed together to get better.

Anyway, wanted you to know I will be watching every game as closely as possible, and it’s quite possible my mood will swing from day to day based on the results. I still love you, and love always wins no matter how the game ends. And, if you have a hard time getting past this, just remember, at least I’m not a cubs fan.