Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “Winter Is Hard, UGH”

Winter showed up early and it’s having an affect on Steph’s schedule, if you have kids you can certainly relate!  

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Marty “The Worlds Biggest Packers Fan” Live From His Bathroom…

6-1 on the season and cheese heads are loving it, we called up Marty The Worlds Biggest Packers Fan is certainly in high spirits, and we talk to him lice from his bathroom. We find out why

What Do You Have The The “American Pickers” Might Be Interested In?

Mike and Frank from American Pickers are coming through Wisconsin this month so we want to know what do you have that they might be interested in?  We took calls all morning then picked a few to

Jackson at Ashley HomeStore East

Join Jackson at the Ashley HomeStore East, off East Springs Drive as he helps kick off their Columbus Day Sale! He will be there from 4-6 friday where you have a chance to win 2 tickets to

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Marty “The Worlds Biggest Packers Fan” Calls About Week 3

The Packers season rolls on again with another big win bringing them to 3-0!  Since things are feeling good we had to check in with Marty and see what he does to make sure the Pack have