Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “Traveling With Kids”

Steph and husband Brad are packing up the family and going to Mexico for a week, traveling has its own set of issues, then you add 3 small kids, what issues did you have when you traveled

Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “Notes From Jackson’s Wife

Jackson’s Wife is a big listener of the podcast and usually gives Jackson notes about the episodes, this time she sent a text to Steph, and it also included a complaint about her husband. Speaking of husbands,

Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “It’s Easier When Someone Else Does The Work”

Thanksgiving is coming up, do you do the cooking, go to someone else’s house for dinner, how do you decide where to go and who does what? We discuss that and get into a fun conversation with

Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “They Give Us Sick Days”

Jackson was out sick yesterday so we are discussing the topic of missing work because of being sick and ask our listeners: who is the bigger baby when it comes to being sick, you or your significant

Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “Out Numbered”

Have your kids out numbered you like Steph’s, have you tried taking all of them to dinner at the same time, how did tha go for you?  Thats one of the topics we discuss in today’s episode