Friday Funnies 11/15/19

Here are Today’s Friday Funnies, some of these jokes have us in orbit and others are PURRR-fect!  If you have a kid who loves telling jokes have them call the morning show Fridays with their best joke!!

Friday Funnies: May 3, 2019

Here are all the Friday Funnies we got on the show today both on-air and off-air!  Thank you for sharing with all your friends/family

Friday Funnies: April 19, 2019

Here are all the jokes from today’s Friday Funnies!  Thanks for making us laugh

Friday Funnies: April 5, 2019

Here are all the calls and jokes we got from kids today for Friday Funnies, thank you for sharing with all your family/friends!

Friday Funnies March 22, 2019

We had so many great Friday Funnies today and here are just a few, kicking things off is a 9 year old we met during our Race to 1,000 Selfies!