Marty “The Worlds Biggest Packer Fan” Upbeat About The Crew & Pack

Last night unless you had 2 tv’s you may have a hand injury from flipping between the Brewers NCLS game 3 and the Packers Vs. 49ers on Monday Night Football, but it was worth it because both

Season 1, Episode 7: From College Football To the NFL To Life After Football, Montee Ball.

Montee Ball talks about life as a college football player, a dream of playing for the Denver Broncos, and life after football!

Marty The Worlds Biggest Packer Fan Talks Baseball…

There isn’t a lot to be happy about in Packer Land and our buddy Marty “The Wolrds Biggest Packers Fan” is feeling your pain, he’s had a rough go since last season! Marty hasn’t had many positive

Marty “The Worlds Biggest Packers Fan” Calls In.

Week 1 of NFL season and the Packers Home Opener Vs the Bears was a real barn burner! When Aaron Rodgers went down with the knee injury we all thought the season was over and it had

Marty The Worlds Biggest Packers Fan In Studio

Last year during the football season we stumbled upon a fella from Wisconsin that goes by Marty The Worlds Biggest Packers Fan and he was there right when we needed him, after Aaron Rodgers broke his collar