Super Dave


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My Top 5 2015: Super Dave Ogden

What are YOUR Top 5 songs of the year? #MyTop52015 Here are mine… #5: Mo Pitney’s “Country” At Today’s Q106 Storyteller’s Jam 17, I learned the meaning of the word “Bay”, all because my daughter said that


It’s My Fantasy, Is It Yours?

My wife and I were bored last night…so what did we do?  We jumped online and visited to join a fantasy football league.  Am I a “homer”for taking Aaron Rodgers in the 3rd round?    

Grab The Bull By The Horns

Running with the bulls in Spain has been a tradition for centuries.  A 20-year-old American man nearly lost his life in this year’s running.  Luckily he’s out of intensive care.  Is this annual gathering worth the risk?

Ever Make Millions Taking A Nap?

This fan is suing MLB for picking on him….while he slept during a Yanks/Red Sox game!–10-million-203033996.html