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Season 1, Episode 3: “When The Lights Went Out With Matt “Blind” Stein”

Matt “Blind” Stein had a hard scrabble life as a kid in Peoria Ill., but never let that keep him down even with the knowledge that one day he would be blind. Diagnosed with a genetic disorder

New Music Playlist: “Lose It” by Kane Brown

Would you add this song to your own, personal, New Music Playlist? – Fletch Here’s how Today’s Q106 listeners responded when I played it today…. Yes: 86% No: 14% Check out more from Kane Brown here. Hear

Season 1, Episode 2: “The Building Blocks Of Life With Dan Jacobsohn”

Dan worked in the tech field but discovered he wasn’t getting the fulfilment out of life that he desired. In his late 30’s he decided to take a leap and open his own Lego store and start