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“Neon Blues”-Randy Rogers Band

Would you add this song to your own, personal, New Music Playlist? Yes: 38% No: 62% Check out more from Randy Rogers Band here. Hear a new song every weekday at 1:20pm with Fletcher Keyes. #NMP

Interview With Earl Dibbles Jr.

Granger smith has an alter ego, kinda like when Garth Brooks had his Chris Gaines character, except Earl is AWESOME.  Heres a quick interview we did with him back stage at Todays Q106 Toys For Tots Concert!

Granger Smiths Airport Story

We met Granger Smith back Stage at Todays Q106 Toys For Tots Concert last night and he had a story about running into a Todays Q106 fan on the airplane to Madison… – Jackson

Kids Thankful For..

Ashley went and interviewed first graders on what they are thankful for.

What Are You Thankful For?

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow I hit the streets to find out what folks were thankful for this year. – Jackson