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Can’t Beat Steph: Famous Phil May 29, 2019

Famous Phil got his name for being so good at trivia, but can he beat Steph?  Play along here:

Can’t Beat Steph: Wendy

Wendy Can’t Beat Steph, but can you?  Listen here:

The Name Being Tattooed on Jackson’s Foot

We called Sara to let her know the name she entered to be tattooed on Jackson’s foot is the winning name!  Then we found out more about Oliver and his love of country music!  Listen to her

New Music Playlist: Walker Hayes – Don’t Let Her

Would you add this song to your own, personal, New Music Playlist? – Super Dave Here’s how Today’s Q106 listeners responded when I played it today…. Yes: 50% No: 50% Check out more from Walker Hayes here.

chris kroeze

Chris Kroeze joins Jackson and Steph

  Finalist from The Voice and from Barron, Wisconsin: Chris Kroeze!    Jackson & Steph caught up with him and get ready to see him TWICE in Madison on Friday at Brat Fest and at The Rigby

Can’t Beat Steph: Val on May 22, 2019

Battle of Johnson Creek!  Val tries to beat Steph, neighbors in Johnson Creek!  How many of the 5 questions can you get?  Listen here:

Can’t Beat Steph: Dave on May 21, 2019

Steph gets ALL FIVE correct!  Can You Beat Her?  We play everyday at 6:45am – listen here:

tantrum tuesday

Tantrum Tuesday: Training Bras and Play Place

What did YOUR child have a Tantrum over?  Share with Tantrum Tuesday!  Ashley’s son had a tantrum over training bras and John’s daughter had a tantrum over fast food restaurants.   Listen here:

Can’t Beat Steph: Melissa on May 17, 2019

Melissa gets ALL 5 correct, how many can you get correct?  Could you Beat Steph?  Listen here:

Can’t Beat Steph: RJ on May 20, 2019

RJ got 4 out of 5, how many can YOU get right?   And Steph was NOT happy at the end, listen here: