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Singer/Song Write Elizabeth Lyons Joins Jackson & Steph

Country Singer/Song Write Elizabeth Lyons had a fun chat with Jackson & Steph on their podcast Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph. Find out about her connection to the Madison area, what advice she would give to

Wisconsin Wedding Giveaway

If your wedding plans were affected due to COVID-19, this is going to cheer you up! Jen with Prevailing Winds Lodge in Blue Mounds got together with so many amazing Wedding Vendors in the Madison Area to

flat tire

2020 Can It Get Any Worse

Ever have “one of those days” when it’s one bad thing after another?  There is a running joke that anything bad just belongs in this year.  2020, can it get any worse!? Call us with YOUR 2020

Can’t Beat Steph: Blake Beats Steph

For the last few weeks we have been doing a kids edition of Can’t Beat Steph on Friday’s and this week 7 yr old Blake was up, listen to hear how bad he beat Steph. If you

drew baldridge

Messages to Our High School Seniors

Leading up to our Q-Mencement Ceremony with Drew Baldridge we are gathering more shout outs from local students and teachers to show our love to the Grads of 2020! Listen here to some more from our local

Mothers Day Poem to Steph

Steph’s 7 year old son created this poem for her Mother’s Day Gift – and we heard from Bryce and had to talk about some of his answers here:  

Can’t Beat Steph vs Gracie

Every morning at 6:45am we play Can’t Beat Steph and Fridays have become Kid’s Edition 9 year old Gracie played the game and was able to say she CAN Beat Steph!    (PS yes we got the note

Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “Friday With Franki”

It’s Friday so we do our usual Friday Friends Trivia, see of you can answer our quiz and we are joined by Contestant from American Idol Season 17,  Franki Moscato.  We play b2 of her songs, a

Jump Around Wisconsin joins Jackson and Steph

Every Saturday at 3pm we have been airing Jump Around here on Today’s Q106 to participate with Jump Around Wisconsin!  We LOVE seeing your videos so keep tagging @todaysq106 in your socials when you post them! Joe