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Enjoy Your Retirement From The Waunakee Police Dept Lt. Peterson

We got a call today from a proud wife who wanted to give a shout out to her husband who was retiring from th Waunakee Police Dept!  We want to thank Lt. Joe Peterson for his dedication

Jackson and Steph’s 10 Lb Club: Personal Trainer

  Jackson has a goal of losing 50 lbs so we put together Jackson & Steph’s 10 lb club to help motivate each other.  Scroll down to hear Wyatt’s motivation to us.   And just for fun, check

Brandon From The Zac Matthews Band Calls In About American Idol

Zac Matthews of the Zac Matthews Band (a group from the Madison area) will be a contestant on this season of American Idol, and we had a candid conversation with his band member Brandon who filled us

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Marty “The Worlds Biggest Packers Fan” Calls About The Super Bowl

After a week or so to decompress from the Packers loss to the 49ers we finally heard from Marty and we find out who he is rooting for in the Super Bowl!  

Helicopter Pilot Answers Our Questions

  Our hearts are hurting over the recent helicopter crashes of the Gannon Family from Madison to Kobe Bryant and the 8 others in California. We were honored to be joined by Agent Barbie Moorhouse who has


Jackson’s 47.5 Second Bachelor Breakdown, Episode 4

The craziness just gets crazier and if you want to know everything that happened but don’t have time to watch 2 hours of the show, Jackson breaks it down in just 47.5 seconds…     View this

Jackson’s Twisted Plot Trivia: Disney Editon

This week we are giving away tickets to Disney On Ice At the Alliant Energy Center Feb 6-9.  Jackson decribes the plot to a Disney movie and our contestant Eric had to give the title!  Resident Disney

Steph Tells Her Mom She’s Proud Of Her

  What is something your mom or dad have done that makes YOU proud? Steph’s Mom is going to Belize for a missionary trip and that makes Steph super proud! But then Jackson brings up the crime

Jackson Tells His Mom He’s Proud Of Her

Today we were asking you what are you proud of your parents for, Stephs mom is on a mission trip to Belize and we heard from her earlier this week, Jackson decided to call his mom to


Jackson’s 47.5 Second Bachelor Breakdown, Episode 3

Episode 3 and it was DRAMA DRAMA, this time someone else decided to try and take the drama crown from Hannah Ann and Kelsey       View this post on Instagram   ???? @blockhead_jones 47.5 Second