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Brandon Lay talks Toys for Tots Concert and Fave Christmas Toy

Jackson and Andi talk with one of the performers at the upcoming Toys for Tots Concert, Brandon Lay! Find out what his fave Christmas Toy is!

Eric from Delta Rae talks Toys for Tots and Fave Christmas Toy

Jackson and Andi talk with Eric from the band Delta Rae about our Toys for Tots concert coming up!

Marty Feelin’ A Bit More Positive About The Pack!

The Packers lost to the Steelers Sunday night in a last second 53 yard feild goal, but some good things happened in this game, Green Bay actually scored points and one of our favorite callers, Marty The

Chef Dave’s Turkey Day Tips

With Thanksgiving this week we figured it would be nice to get a real legit chef in studio to give some tips on cooking that perfect bird!  So we called none other than Chef Dave Heide of

Delta Rae’s, Eric talks about his favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Delta Rae is our headliner at our Toys for Tots Concert Dec. 2nd at the Majestic and Jackson and Andi had the chance to talk with Eric from Delta Rae about his go to dish on Thanksgiving!

Brandon Lay’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Jackson and Andi spoke with one of our Toys for Tots performers, Brandon Lay and found out what his favorite Thanksgiving dish is! LISTEN!

New Music Playlist: “Criminal” by Lindsay Ell

Would you add this song to your own, personal, New Music Playlist?-Fletch Here’s how Today’s Q106 listeners responded when I played it today…. Yes: 74% No: 26% Check out more from Linday Ell here. Hear a new