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New Music Playlist: “Diane” by Cam

Would you add this song to your own, personal, New Music Playlist?-Fletch Here’s how Today’s Q106 listeners responded when I played it today…. Yes: 65% No: 35% Check out more from Cam here. Hear a new song

Marty The World Biggest Packers Fan On This Weekends Loss…

Marty The Worlds Biggest Packer Fan called again, this week he was reeling after the Packers loss to the Saints, but sometime laughter is the best medicine… – Jackson  

Marty Calls About Aaron Rodgers Broken Collar Bone

For the last few weeks we have been getting calls and voicemails from Marty The Worlds Biggest Packer Fan, well this week our beloved Aaron Rodgers broke his collar bone and Marty has some advice for the