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Finish The Song Friday

Steph’s 5 year old daughter was singing a song in the house, but she couldn’t remember the lyrics at the end – can you? Finish The Song Friday for Brantley Gilbert Tickets!  Listen to what happened here:

Friday Funnies: February 7 2020

Call Jackson & Steph anytime with your joke! Here are just a few of the Friday Funnies we got on February 7, 2020:

Local Farm Provides Food for Brantley Gilbert

We love supporting our farmers, and so does Brantley Gilbert! Erica and Zach Mallory run Mallory Meadows Farm in Eagle (Steph’s Hometown!) and Erica tells us all about getting the call that their hot sauce that is

haley fitzgerald

From Stoughton to the Superbowl

Haley Fitzgerald is from Stoughton and was one of the dancers with Jennifer Lopez during the Pepsi Halftime Show at the SUPERBOWL!!     View this post on Instagram   02/02/2020⁣ A moment and energy that I

Robots Delivering Food To College Students

Yes there are robots delivering food to college students at UW-Madison and Peter is in charge of these robots! He tells us more about them – listen here:  

Brantley Gilbert Winner: Tracey

We love giving you fun experiences like the one Tracey is winning today!  She was so excited she said something we have never heard on the show before – listen here:

Brantley Gilbert Winner: Susan

We love making your day with fun news like what Susan received today – she starts crying!  Listen here:  

cheese head

Marty “The Worlds Biggest Packer Fan” Super Bowl Chat

Football season is over so we had to have one last call with Marty “The Worlds Biggest Packer Fan” to find out what he thought of the game and got some suggestions for folks who have a


Jackson’s 47.5 Second Bachelor Breakdown, Episode 5

It was a 3 hr episode with a lot of drama but Jackson was able to break it down in just 47.5 seconds. Only 1 name was removed from our list on our Final Rose Contest, Alayah

Luke Combs Chats With Jackson & Steph… Sort Of…

Luke Combs is going to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend while JJ Watt hosts.  We tried to get an interview with luke but he has a super busy schedule, however we were