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Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “Our Presence Is Your Present”

We went out to lunch with a listener who has become a friend for her birthday, is going out to lunch or dinner enough of a present when your an adult?  

snow plow

Our Singing Snow Remover

Karaoke Matt works hard keeping our streets safe during the snowy days, so we asked him to become Our Singing Snow Remover!    WATCH VIDEO OF HIM SINGING Listen to what happened with Jackson & Steph here:

Social Mornings With Jackson & Steph: “It’s Easier When Someone Else Does The Work”

Thanksgiving is coming up, do you do the cooking, go to someone else’s house for dinner, how do you decide where to go and who does what? We discuss that and get into a fun conversation with

Trick or Treat: Jen and Coworkers

  We brought treats from Dunkin to local businesses, and surprised Jen and her coworkers – listen here!

Trick or Treat: Firefighters

We brought treats from Dunkin to local businesses, and one of the stops was Fire Station #7 – listen to what happened!

Bryce's Sports Break

Bryce’s Sports Break

Steph’s 6 year old son is really getting into sports and football, so he gives us the latest update on Packers!  This was from October 31, 2019  

Trick or Treat: Firefighter Matt

Handing out treats from Dunkin at Firestation #7 and Matt introduced himself as Mr December – we have some fun with him about that here:  

Was It Worth It?

Did you do something recently that you had to pay for later, was it worth it? Jackson dropped his diet while he was on a road trip and now his pants are too tight, Steph was feeling

Badger Honor Flight with JJ Watt

Badger Honor Flight! number 39 took our WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans to Washington DC and their was a surprise from JJ Watt! Steph went to the Welcome Home Heroes and chatted with volunteers who met JJ’s

New Music Playlist: Granger Smith – That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads

Would you add this song to your own, personal, New Music Playlist? – Super Dave Here’s how Today’s Q106 listeners responded when I played it today…. Yes: 73% No: 27% Check out more from Granger Smith HERE!