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Tantrum Tuesday: 2 Year Old Running In Circles

Mom Sarah shared the tantrum her 2 year old had and how she got out of it – and of course it happened while they were already running late to school/daycare!   been there, done that! Listen here:

plastic bags

What Do You Do With Your Plastic Bags

Where do you keep your plastic bags and what do you do with them? Jackson does something that irritates his wife, and Doug does something that his son might not like – listen to it all here:

Girl Scout Megan Stops By To Talk Cookies

You are seeing them pop up everywhere, but don’t worry if you’re on a diet, the calories don’t count when its a Girl Scout Cookie!! Megan, a local Girl Scout, stopped in studio with Jackson & Steph

Tantrum Tuesday: Dolls Bed

More trials of being a parent, this time we got a call from Erin who shared a story about what happened when her daughter tried to take a large doll bed with them on a trip.

Motivation With Trainer Wyatt

On The Todays Q106 Morning Show we have started Jackson & Steph’s 10 Lb Club where we are motivating those who are trying to lose weight like Jackson.  We talked to our Trainer from Princeton Club West,

Tantrum Tuesday: Bananas

Mom Sara shared the Tantrum her 1 year son, Baby Oliver, put her through because of the way she called “bananas” – listen to this funny story here!  


Jackson’s 47.5 Second Bachelor Breakdown, Episode 8

It was hometown visits for the remaining 4 women, Kelsey, Hanna Ann, Madison and Victoria, find out what country artist had a performance and who caused the drama this week, all in just 47.5 seconds!    

Jackson Says Something To His Mom He Hasn’t Said In 2 Decades

Today during our Great Debate about is “I love you” overused or not said enough Jackson mentioned that he hasn’t said that to his mom in over 20 years.  So of course Steph made him call her

Lodi FFA Alumni Thanks Jackson

Annie and Rachel from The Lodi FFA Alumni Association stopped it he studio to present Jackson with a plaque thanking him for his support of their Demolition Derby for the last 3 years!!

Can’t Beat Steph: Presidents Day

  5 pop culture questions – you get more right than Steph you win the cash!  (We play every morning at 6:45am) Today it was all about Presidents, how many of the 5 questions can YOU get