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Jason Aldean Interview!

Stolen Bike

My bike was stolen over the weekend and im not too pleased about it

Famous Fingers

I made my network television debut… well my knuckle tattoos did!

Alone With Out Ashley!

Ashley is on vacation and im carryng the load which i didnt realize was so heavy alone!!

Its not that hot!!

So i have been taking a lot of heat for my refusal to turn on the AC at my home, i just dont think that 89 degrees is hot enough for AC.

Achy Breacky Country Comedian

This song was fire hot back in the day, so i decided to have a bit of fun with it… Enjoy!

I’ve Fallen And No One Helped Me Up!O

I took a good spill while walking my dogs at the dog park ealier this week and i wasnt exactly offered any help.

Country Comedian 7

In this weeks episode Jackson is working with Voices by Chris Young

Country Comedian 6

In this weeks episode am commenting on Miranda Lamberts Automatic

Country Comedian Throwback Thursday 2

The Country Comedian bit has been a TON of fun and we were talking one day, there are thousands of GREAT country muic songs so why not open the catalog and get some greats from the past!