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Todays Q106 Storytellers Jam Mystery Artist

We got to interview one of the performers for Storytellers Jam 17!!!  We dont know who though.

Jackson’s Gym Sock Of Awesome Prizes!

We had a talegate party in studio this morning!  

Fly For Less Than Cab Fare

Ryan Air, an airline in Europe says within 5 years they will have transatlantic flights for $10!  thats less than cab fare to get to the airport!

The Irish Brogue Off

Since it’s St. Pattys Day we decided to get a little Irish and see who has the best Irish Accent!

Pies, Cakes, Or Brownies?

We would like to know if you had to give up one for life, Pies, Cakes, or Brownies which one would you choose?  – Jackson  

Pam Jahnke And How She Pronounces Manure

We heard the Fabulous Farm babe do her farm report today and Jackson and I were both taken back by the different way manure was pronunced. -Ashley Kix

Valentine’s Day Through Kids Eyes

2nd Graders reveal WHO their True Love is.. one even says their teacher! Awhh -Ashley Kix

Valentine’s Day Through Kids Eyes

One 2nd grader was getting a lot of love -Ashley Kix